About Us

Let’s get to know each other. Mergger.com was found and inaugurated by a person just like us with just an offbeat vision to unite people from around the globe. Gaurav Dass & his team is the reason behind the inception and success of this eccentric social networking web page. His vision and expertise gave light to this project, which today stands beside you as a successful social interactive online medium.

A brief précis: Unlike every other social networking web page mergger is an interactive website which thinks out of the box. To have a better understanding of what we are talking about, here is a list of services you can exploit through our social and resourceful web page.

• Connect with people instantly

• Invite your BFF’s and buddies and stay connected with them

• Share your profiles seamlessly to achieve maximum exposure

• Take charge and handle the profiles of your family members, pets and relatives through your personal mergger profile

• Get in touch with your childhood friends, loved ones and even infatuated crushes

• Search and connect with the perfect partner

• Create profiles for your pets and get them dates as well

• Play intellectual games online

• Find jobs and step onto the path of a prosperous career

To attain such outstanding services provided by us, you just have to follow this protocol:

• Sign up and register with us

• Create your desired profile

• Seek, locate or find your friends, loved ones and connect with them in a jiffy

What makes us different from the conventional social networking web pages you ask?

• It may bamboozle you at first, but yes we have a service which lets you create profiles for your pets and find them a match as well. This rare and rather uncommon notion sets us apart from the ordinary bunch.

• You can earn cash prizes and souvenirs just by participating in our entertaining events and contest. This sort of interaction helps you reach out to a larger audience through our web page. If you are lucky enough and win a particular contest, then your profile along with a picture of you will be posted on the home page for the entire world to acknowledge and hail.

• Its not just a social networking web page, but also a job portal that helps you find your dream job that you have long aspired. Like they always say, “mixing business with pleasure is not a good idea, but we think differently altogether. Through our web page you can socialize with friends and also carry out business simultaneously. You can make new friends, hang out with old ones and even look out for jobs at the same time using the same online platform.

With just socializing on mind we at mergger provide a platform to all the people around the globe to empathize, share, laugh, feel content and stay connected with friends and family. Today we have our presence just in India, but with your love and support we would like to take this project to a whole new level and make it a global success.